At Greg’s Garage, we believe in providing our customers with personalized services and the highest quality parts for their vehicle repair and maintenance needs. Have something you need fixed or adjusted? Contact a member of our team today. Our certified vehicle professionals are ready to help with any of your servicing needs.

The services we provide are the top quality as we have over 13 years experience with car repairs. Our challenge is to detect the problem and solve it with the best and cheapest solution. Our diagnostics computers and software are always up to date. This, and our skills plus experience makes us stronger then others. On top of  that you can be sure that we will fix everything. There is no “we cant” answer. Some garages are taking only simple jobs. For us nothing is to hard. We can handle all types of vehicles with all sort of issues. Starting with simple brake pads change on little yaris finishing at full engine rebuilt on v10 Lamborghini.


As the braking system is very important for keeping you as safe as possible, it has to stay in tip-top condition all the time.For each wheel typical brakes consist a brake disc, brake calliper and pair of brake pads. There is no general rule when to change the brake pads, as they can last from 15000km to 90000 km, depends on roads you driving, weight you carrying, type of brake pads, kilometres you do. But there is couple of signs letting you know its time to change your brake pads. First one is brake pad wear warning light on the car display. Another ones are: loud screeching sound or brake pedal vibrations while braking. If you feel the car is pulling to one side or the other, it can also means you need to replace the brake pads. Sometimes both pads and brake discs needs to be replaced. Here at Greg’s Garage we will take care abut your braking system, choosing the rights brake pads and brake discs for your car make and model.


What is a clutch?Clutch is responsible for engaging and disengaging a transmission between rotating shafts. In vehicle clutch sits between the engine and the main driveshaft. Car needs a clutch because engine spins all the time, but car’s wheels don’t, when clutch is disengaged you are able to stop a car without stopping the engine. So clutch is a vital component of every car, and has to be 100% operational.There is couple of symptoms what let you recognise, there is something wrong with a clutch. Starting with clutch pedal make noises, chatters or pulsates, trough feels loose or spongy, finishing at when it remains stuck to the floor. If you experience one of the above, or have other concerns about your car clutch, just let us know and we take care abut it.

Timing belt

With no doubt, timing belt is the most important belt in the whole engine. But as any other belt it wears out. So its crucial to replace it at recommended intervals, otherwise if a timing belt breaks the car will stall, and damages done the engine might be very expensive to repair. Replacement intervals vary, depends on make and model of the car, but you can find the exact ones in owner’s manual. Here at Greg’s Garage we can check the condition of the timing belt and if its due to replacement, we will take care about it.